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Malibu Triathlon Details
Race Day: Sunday September 12th 2010
Location: Zuma Beach, Malibu CA
First Wave starts at 7AM

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Sony Joins the Entertainment Industry Challenge!

Quoted from the MESP May Newsletter

The Entertainment Industry Challenge at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon began in 2002 with a purpose of helping companies build camaraderie within their organization, help employees meet their physical fitness goals and to raise money for a good cause. The first year of the challenge consisted solely of Team Disney, fast forward to 2009 and there are now 8 teams from some of the top studios in the industry! Disney, DreamWorks, Lionsgate Entertainment, NBC Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros. all make up the challenge along with the newest additions: Sony and Summit Entertainment.

One of our new additions this year is Sony who has thrown down their gauntlet and joined the studio smack-down with the goal of claiming the ultimate prize: the Entertainment Industry Challenge Tri Cup! Sony Tri team captain James Specht participated in the Classic distance race in 2008 and thought that the Challenge would be a great way to introduce the sport of triathlon to others within the company. “I didn’t think twice about helping build a team Sony,” Specht explained. “Once we started, our Athletic Club and other triathletes (in the company) came together quickly to organize and promote an interest meeting. Our goal was simple; get employees into the meeting any way possible, shower them with inspiration about the event and the benefits to CHLA from the fundraising.”

Specht and the Sony team had a modest goal for participants this first year. “We hoped to get 25 entries to Malibu,” he stated. The team members began grassroots campaigns within the company to encourage their co-workers to sign up. Their campaigning paid off, “We had standing room only at our interest meeting, the turnout was awesome!” Sony has more than 90 athletes on their roster this first year alone, with the long-term goal of expanding their team into a year-round organization, give beginner triathletes confidence builders and to enter additional races.

The Sony team has begun their training and is looking forward to the upcoming race. “Our team workouts are underway and will only grow from here,” he said. “We are also planning a bi-monthly informal lunch gatherings on the lot to help the team meet each other. These will also include short training lectures to support our beginners. As the cohesion (on the team) grows we'd like to combine social events with fundraising so we can have fun and raise money together.”